powder coated aluminum, stainless steel, and blown glass
completed 2018
kinetic; typical dimensions 11'H x 5'W x 2'D

Wind driven kinetic sculpture with two independently rotating heads. Designed to take advantage of its location and the fact that it will mainly be seen backlit against a bright sky. One head holds a disk representing the moon; the other holds a blown glass rondel representing the sun. As the heads turn, the moon occasionally eclipses the sun.

According to ancient Chinese mythology, there is a three-legged crow that lives in and represents the sun. The crow is often shown silhouetted against the bright disk of the sun. This image was one of the jumping-off points for my design, which evolved considerably from there. Still has 3 legs, though.

The amazing blown glass rondel was created by Scott Darlington.


Commissioned for a private residence in Seattle.


kinetic sculpture, outdoor, avian