painted aluminum and granite
completed 2018
installation overall 3'-6"H x 17'W x 14'D

The campus where this piece is located is a community gathering place where people meet for school, athletics, church, and other activities. The subject of the sculptures is a family of river otters exploring their surroundings. The subject suggests themes such as play, curiosity, active outdoor pursuits, and family, which reflect many of the ways the campus is used.

The layout of the installation provides seating that allows for group interaction as well as individual reflection.

As with many of my artworks, this piece is meant to recognize and foster connections between people and nature by celebrating a native species that is a source of local pride and enjoyment. River otters inhabit the salt marshes around Belfair. They are valued by the community as part of the area’s unique natural environment.

The bright color of the sculptures reflects the vigor and joie de vivre of the subject and engages viewers' attention and curiosity. The gestural, calligraphic style of the sculptures captures the writhing, wriggling quality of otters playing together. For many viewers, the artwork’s distillation of form and movement won’t resolve into a recognizable image right away, allowing for “aha” moments that create a sense of discovery.

Concrete paving and benches will be installed by the school district per my site plan in late 2018. Boulder heights are designed for seating based on the future paving elevation.

I was selected for this project from the Washington State Arts Commission’s public art roster.


Washington State Arts Commission and North Mason School District


public art, outdoor, seating